A woman walks outside of a COVID-19 testing center at the Incheon International Airport In Incheon, South Korea, on Feb. 10, 2023. 

‘The pandemic is still with us’: The bumpy road to the end of COVID


Pinpointing the “end” of the coronavirus pandemic depends on the vantage point. The World’s host Marco Werman spoke with Dr. Michael Mina, a leading epidemiologist and the chief science officer at EMed, a digital health care company, along with Zeynep Tufekci, a sociologist and professor at Columbia University, to learn more about the “bumpy, difficult off-ramp” from COVID-19.

Paul Whelan is shown standing in a glass enclosed box wearing a sweater with two men standing out side of the glass wearing balaclavas.

Russia, Philippines hand down controversial convictions; Beijing lockdowns return; New Zealand sports fans return to stadiums

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A view of a test missile launch with an American flag flying

‘World War C’: How did national security miss the coronavirus?

Mike Pompeo in a suit and face mask in front of a plane and the US and Israeli flags

Pompeo visits Israel; Europe wants a summer travel season; Lebanon counters second virus wave

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A woman and a man sit in chairs in front of the New Zealand and Australian flags

Women leaders eschew ‘macho-man’ politics in COVID-19 response

A officer lays a poppy wreath

75 years since WWII Victory in Europe; DOJ drops charges against Flynn; LGBT helplines see surge

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The world commemorates the 75th anniversary of WWII Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day, as the UN chief warns of the “tsunami of hate” the pandemic has engendered around the globe. How has Vietnam managed so successfully against the coronavirus? And as Lebanon protests call out corruption, in the US, the Justice Department has dropped the case against Michael Flynn. Who is the woman who identified the first human coronavirus? Meet Scottish virologist June Almeida.

Protesters around a flower wreath

Workers’ movements advocate for rights on May Day; Saudi activists allege man killed over megacity plans; Doctors wait hours as Venezuela faces fuel shortages

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As May Day celebrations and rallies have been curtailed, workers around the world are pushing for their rights. Fuel shortages are making life harder for Venezuelans, especially essential workers. And even as Lebanon teeters on the edge of economic collapse, some Americans are choosing to ride out the pandemic there. Meanwhile, Sweden’s gardeners have become real party poopers.

A general view of an empty high street

1.5 billion could lose livelihoods; International students caught in limbo; Ghana’s dancing pallbearers go ‘viral’

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Half of workers worldwide are at risk of losing their livelihoods due to the novel coronavirus, the International Labor Organization estimates. In the US, international students contribute some $41 billion annually to the economy. But will they be able to return to campus in the fall? Is war the best metaphor for the coronavirus? And, Ghana’s dancing pallbearers have gone viral: “Stay home or dance with us.”

A worker disinfects the streets of the Vidigal slum, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 24, 2020.

Advocates raise alarm as countries fail to collect racial data of coronavirus patients


Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, health advocates say there may be a rare opportunity to understand racial disparities on a vast scale. But few governments are taking that opportunity. 

A person in PPE works in a lab

A path out of a pandemic


As we continue to fight the coronavirus, is there a safe way to reopen sections of society?