Lantern display at Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai.

China’s last remaining lantern craftspeople uphold a waning tradition


There aren’t very many traditional lantern makers left in Shanghai. They’re being replaced by technology creating mass-produced versions. But some people are still trying to keep the culture alive.

A man holds a palmful of pellets

Swedish town uses chicken manure to disperse crowds — and stop spread of coronavirus

Hazel Bethel is a Manischewitz wine devotee. She's originally from Trinidad and was introduced to the wine by friends who worked in Jewish homes in New York.

Is that Manischewitz? The Kosher wine is a hit in some Caribbean communities.

The branches of a Christmas tree ready to be harvested are seen in a field at Wick Farm in Colchester, Britain, November 29, 2017.

What I learned by getting my very first Christmas tree


Caught on tape: parents spanking to discipline children

Health & Medicine
Donna Tam and her grandmother, from China, share a home in San Francisco, along with Tam's brother and parents.

Living with three generations in a house has its benefits – privacy is not one of them

Lifestyle & Belief

The recession made multi-generational households more common in the US. But the trend isn’t new for many immigrant families, especially in Asian households. And money isn’t the main driver. Tradition is.

The World

UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Arts, Culture & Media

For our Geo Quiz today we’re searching for some intangible cultural heritage. That’s how the United Nations cultural body UNESCO refers to traditions around the world worth protecting.

The World

Lament of the Landowner

Commentator Andrew Schmookler reflects from his home in the Virginia mountains on the dilemma of the rural homeowner. How do we resolve our desire for a healthy and active real estate market with a desire to keep the land around us pristine and free from overdevelopment?