College campus with large yellow block letters that spell out C-E-T-Y-S

Hundreds of US students cross the border daily to attend college in Tijuana

Thousands of students in Mexico commute daily to attend school in the U.S. But there are also those who travel each day in the opposite direction. Over the past few years, Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y Superior (CETYS) in Tijuana has worked hard to appeal to students north of the border. Today, residents in the US make up 10% of the university’s population.


Crossing borders: Living in one country, going to school in another

Yellow sign on beach warning people to stay out of water because of pollutants, in Tijuana River Valley

Pollution from Tijuana River contaminates marine border areas

A young migrant shows off his red "Haiti" cap in Tijuana.

Haitian asylum-seekers face discrimination in Tijuana migrant camp

A migrant from Honduras stands in front of the border wall with the sun shining behind him

After two boys’ murders, migrants and advocates fear new ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

Mexico's President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador waves to a crowd

No honeymoon period for Mexico’s incoming president

Global Politics

After five months, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is finally taking office. But he’ll immediately face the country’s crisis on the US-Mexico border.

A small girl in a t-shirt with bare legs and feet cries she and her mother run up a dirt hill.

Mexico calls for ‘full investigation’ of US tear gas used at border


US government agencies defended the use of tear gas at the San Ysidro crossing south of San Diego, California, on Sunday. News images showing children fleeing prompted sharp criticism from some lawmakers and charities.

migrants reach through a fence with pieces of food

Waiting for asylum, migrants in limbo grow desperate


A group of about 3,000 migrants has travelled for more than a month to reach the US. Now, they’re just a half-hour walk away. But getting in seems more distant than ever.

A young man waits for a ride, looks at the camera.

Tensions rise in Tijuana as migrant flows strain Mexican border shelters

The buildup in Tijuana will be a test of tougher asylum rules introduced by Trump, which some experts believe will push more people to try to cross illegally.

Cross-border dog adoption

Why a trailer filled with 23 greyhounds is crossing the US-Mexico border


A couple in California crosses the border on a regular basis to give greyhounds a second chance at life.