Taxation in the United States

Congressman Paul Ryan takes part in a session called "The Business of Taxes" at the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council meeting in Washington on December 2, 2014.

What if we could choose where part of our taxes went? Would we feel better about paying them?


No one likes paying their taxes, but would that change if you got some say over where they went? A group of researchers recently conducted experiments that say yes.

Artist Susan Crile stands with a study for a painting of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

A court rules that being an artist really is a business — maybe


Firestorm brews over IRS targeting of right-wing groups for additional scrutiny

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Deal near, but work remains, to avert fiscal cliff crisis

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Grassroots movement afoot in Canada to raise taxes on top earners

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U.S. Supreme Court begins considering constitutionality of healthcare reform

Health & Medicine

The Supreme Court is debating not only the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law, but also whether they can even take up the case yet, or whether an obscure federal law will keep it out of the court until 2014. Arguments continue Tuesday and Wednesday.

Democrats, Republicans squabbling over renewing, expanding payroll tax cuts

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It should come as no surprise that Democrats and Republicans are disagreeing. President Barack Obama has a proposal on the table to extend the existing cuts and expanded to employers, and Democrats are coming around to the idea. But they disagree vehemently over how to pay for it.

Debt ceiling outcome’s effect on the middle-class

The changes being discussed in Washington will have a profound impact on the incomes and lifestyles of middle-class Americans.

Online shopping creates sales tax quandary

States are losing out on billions of dollars of desperately needed tax revenue, thanks to online shopping.

Charitable deductions cap may hurt nonprofits

A strategy to increase tax revenue is a cap on the rate that high-income taxpayers can use to claim charitable deductions, worrying some non-profits.