Sri Lankan Civil War

A woman reacts as she stands at a market that, according to locals, was recently damaged by shelling in Donetsk.

Civilians are caught in the renewed crossfire in Donetsk


It’s not clear why fighting has picked back up in eastern Ukraine, but it’s civilians that are paying the price as pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army shell each other in the city of Donetsk.

Author Nayomi Munaweera was born in Sri Lanka, and then moved with her family to Birnin Kebi, Nigeria, to avoid civil war. Here Munaweera stands with her mother, Mali, and younger sister, Namal.

After escaping turmoil in Sri Lanka and Nigeria, her next hurdle was surviving LA schools


Human rights in Sri Lanka take center stage at the United Nations

Sri Lanka declares end to civil war

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Is The War Over? Ambassador Robert Blake on Sri Lanka

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Tragedy in Sri Lanka: The Diaspora Is Watching

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An estimated 50,000 Sri Lankan civilians remain trapped in a rebel-held territory that’s fiercely fought over by Tamil Tiger rebels and government forces. Closely watching is the Sri Lankan diaspora here in North America.

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The High Cost of Sri Lanka’s 25-year Civil War

The Takeaway looks at the increasingly violent civil war and humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka, with BBC Correspondent Charles Haviland and Manivanna Thirumalai of the BBC’s Tamil Service.

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Another chapter in the long civil war in Sri Lanka

Today, Tamil separatist fighters ignored an ultimatum issued by the Sri Lankan government. Joining us with details is Somini Sengupta, South Asia Bureau Chief for the New York Times.

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Civilians caught in crossfire of Sri Lankan civil war

Caught in the Sri Lanka civil war crossfire are an estimated 250,000 civilians who live in the area. For a closer look at these troubling events, we turn to Somini Sengupta, the New Delhi bureau chief for the New York Times.

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Sri Lankan government launches offensive against Tamil tigers

For more than 25 years, the Tamil rebels have been fighting for independence from the government of Sri Lanka. Today the Sri Lankan army is continuing a massive military assault to force the rebels to give up much of the territory they have won.