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Brazil’s soy boom takes a toll on traditional farming communities


Brazil outpaced the United States last year to become the largest soy-producing country in the world. Record exports are again expected this year. But, mass soy production is wreaking havoc on traditional farming methods.

A photo of Leydy Pech, a Mayan beekeeper

Mayan beekeepers launch legal battle to protect the environment

A man holds soybeans in his hands.

How soybeans became China’s most powerful weapon in Trump’s trade war

Soy farmers like Phil Sidles have seen prices for their soybeans fall sharply — down around 20 percent since May, not long after China announced retaliatory tariffs on American soybeans.

As tariffs send soy and corn prices plummeting, Trump says farmers will act like ‘patriots’

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A billboard for soybeans in Mato Grosso, Brazil. The region is likely to make Brazil the world's top producer of soybeans, but the boom in production has come at the same time as a rise in deforestation.

Brazil is set to become the world’s biggest soy producer — and that might be bad news for its forests


Study finds health issues with pigs consuming genetically modified foods


A new study linking consumption of genetically modified foods to stomach inflammation and reproductive problems in pigs is being used as fuel in the fight to have GM foods labeled in the United States. More than 20 states are currently considering related legislation.

Experts say effects of U.S. drought likely to ripple across the globe


The effect of this summer’s drought in the United States may well be felt around the world soon. That’s because the U.S. is the world’s biggest corn exporter. As harvests fall and prices rise, many of world’s poor will feel the squeeze.

Chinese delegation signs huge soybean trade agreement with the U.S.

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping along with several Chinese leaders visiting Iowa on Feb. 15 agreed to purchase $4.31 billion worth of U.S. soybeans from Iowa farms. China is expected to sign more deals with a total record purchase of 12 million tons of soybeans this year.

Flooding destroys crops, prices hit record high

As the waters recede in Iowa, farmers are looking at damaged crops that are driving corn and soybean futures to record levels.

Link found between common chemicals and breast cancer

Health & Medicine

Research indicates early exposure to chemicals found in plastic containers and some natural food products, like soy, can lead to breast cancer.