Soy sauce

Seafood Congee, as presented in the Taiwanese cookbook Made in Taiwan: Recipes and Stories from the Island Nation.

A new book explores Taiwan’s culinary identity


The culinary contributions of Taiwan are often overshadowed by other cuisine from the region, especially China. Now, a new cookbook highlights some of the ingredients and flavors that make Taiwanese cooking unique.

Soy Sauce

Tsunami-proof: Japanese soy sauce rises from ruins of 2011 disaster

Erik Bruner-Yang, chef and owner of Honeycomb Asian market in Washington, DC

Honeycomb is making Asian food in Washington, DC a bit sweeter, and a lot more local

Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Remembering the Japanese designer who was compelled to create something beautiful after seeing Hiroshima’s devastation

Chef Antonio Park, owner and head chef at Park Restaurant in Montreal

In Canada, a multicultural chef puts his complex history on every plate

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Ubiquitous Maggi seasoning reminds people the world over of home

Maggi seasoning is popular among American immigrants of all kinds of nationalities — and they all think of it as coming from home. But, in reality, few American immigrants are from the actual home of Maggi seasoning. But, for some reason, it still reminds each of them of where they’ve come from.

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Lucky foods for the Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year arrived on Sunday, and with it, a two-week period of celebration for the Year of the Tiger. In honor of the lunar new year, we talk with two prominent Chinese Americans about their favorite New Year foods and memories.

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Mark Bittman is thinking outside the (cereal) box for breakfast

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Mark Bittman decided to shake things up and started serving up breakfast items you would more closely associate with dinner. Mark Bittman joins us with a stirring defense for serving wheat berries with soy sauce.

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Kit Kat big in Japan

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American candy lovers know the Kit Kat bar. But few would recognize the varieties sold in Japan. 200 kinds of Kit Kat bars have been sold in Japan over the years. Akiko Fujita checked out the candy in Tokyo.