Social Security

trays of printed social security checks from the US Treasury

A proposal to wipe out childhood poverty in the US


A Social Security benefit for the nation’s neediest kids would virtually eradicate poverty for children, says one leading economist.

Nick Abrantes walks after purchased three pairs of shoes during a phased reopening from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 19, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio/File Photo

Canadian universal basic income experiment has been life-changing for those unemployed amid coronavirus 

A TSA officer wearing a face mask clears a departing passenger

179 countries have paid sick leave. Not the US.

Millions of immigrant workers without legal status file taxes without a valid Social Security number.

‘How crazy is it that undocumented people are paying for their own deportation?’

Japanese Yasutaro Koide, 112, receives the Guinness World Records certificate as he is formally recognized as the world's oldest man. He lives in a nursing home in Nagoya, in central Japan.

Japan is home to the world’s oldest population — and the world’s oldest man

Five cent coins are pictured in the air in front of the Federal Palace in Bern, Switzerland, during an event organised by the committee that delivered 126,000 signatures to the parliament to propose a minimum monthly disposal household income of CHF 2,500

$2750 a month for every adult, guaranteed? Switzerland’s considering it

Adults in Switzerland could be in for a windfall, under a proposal set for a national referendum. The government would provide every adult $2,750 a month, every month, in what’s known as a “basic income.” One economist says it’s not as whacky as it may seem to us.

Economist says the American retirement system has failed

America is heading into a retirement crisis, an economist says. Most retirees haven’t saved enough money to retire and Teresa Ghilarducci blames America’s entire system for retiring.

Republicans signal willingness to compromise on payroll tax cut extension

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In December, Republicans and Democrats managed to extend a payroll tax cut, unemployment benefits and a fix for Medicare payments. That extension runs out at the end of the month but, at least when it comes to the payroll tax cut, Republicans are willing to offer another extension through the end of the year.

As unemployment benefits claims decline, disability claims rise

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More than three million more people are now collecting Social Security payments because of disability then were in 2007. A new report from the Obama administration and others suggests that as people lose unemployment benefits, they’re going after disability benefits.

Democrats, Republicans squabbling over renewing, expanding payroll tax cuts

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It should come as no surprise that Democrats and Republicans are disagreeing. President Barack Obama has a proposal on the table to extend the existing cuts and expanded to employers, and Democrats are coming around to the idea. But they disagree vehemently over how to pay for it.