Social inequality

At a job fair in Bogotá, psychologist Nicolas Londoño showed groups of young men how to change a baby's diapers.  Londoño works with Care School for Men, an educational program funded by the city government. 

‘We can all learn to care’: Colombia’s capital city wants men to do more chores at home

Women & Gender

Bogotá’s Care School for Men aims to battle centuries of living in a culture that teaches men to focus on breadwinning instead of caregiving.

Military men and women exercise in a field.

Gender matters in the military

Critical State
Several Black people stand around double doors in masks handing out supplies

Fixing health disparities requires ‘the right data,’ says UK doctor

A woman is shown wearing a medical mask and carrying a bag while standing in front of doors with graffiti painted on them

Discussion: Pandemic exposes health inequities in vulnerable communities

A woman wears a bright yellow blouse and sits in a radio studio

Mexico’s community radio network shares critical COVID-19 info in Indigenous languages

Satellites on the roof of a red brick school in Oaxaca state surrounded by green trees.

Mexico wants internet access for all. Getting everyone online could reduce poverty, too.


With its digital inclusion strategy, Mexico hopes to nudge social mobility upward. Internet access and poverty reduction are strongly connected, but language still remains a barrier.

Justice Kennedy expected to play crucial role in spate of upcoming Supreme Court decisions

Global Politics

Monday’s Supreme Court decision to allow law enforcement to take DNA samples of anyone they arrest, just as they do with fingerprints. In the 5-4 decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy was the key decider — a role he’s expected to reprise in four other cases expected to be decided this month.

Who benefits from race-based science

Arts, Culture & Media

A new book explores how big business and political systems benefit from classifying race as biological category.

Supreme Court Sidesteps Affirmative Action Ruling

With so much before it once again, the court has once again held off on issuing 2 expected decisions on gay marriage and 1 on voting rights, it seems to have avoided a big decision in the affirmative action case fisher versus the University of Texas…   Despite having so much before it, the U.S. Supreme […]

University of Texas Students Weigh in on Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court is currently considering the case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, which centers on whether affirmative action should play a role in student admission. As it currently stands, any Texas high school student who graduates in the top 10 percent of his or her class is given automatic admission to […]