A river winds through a city full of buildings and skyscrapers.

Erdogan’s ‘crazy’ canal alarms villagers and environmentalists


When residents of Sazlibosna, a village near Istanbul, tried to attend a public meeting about the Turkish government’s plan to dig a 1,300-foot canal through their farmlands, they were stopped by police. The 28-mile Kanal Istanbul will link the seas north and south of Istanbul and ease traffic on the Bosphorus strait, a major global […]

The silhouette of roseau cane during a sunset on the Louisiana coast.

In a hungry little insect, a big threat to Louisiana’s coast

A ship docked at the Port of Boston, New England’s busiest container port.

As global shipping explodes, it presents a logistical and security challenge

The container ship MSC Tomoko Panama in the Santa Barbara Channel in 2009. Ships like these pose deadly threats of pollution and collision to blue whales in the area.

How do you save the whales? Slow down the ships


After six years and billions of dollars, the Panama Canal expansion may grind to a halt

Out of the box housing

An entrepreneur who turns steel cargo shipping containers into housing finds success as the push for reuse materials increases.

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Out of the Box Housing

A company is making hurricane-proof houses out of used cargo containers.

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Cargo, Clean and Quiet

The Port of Los Angeles is taking delivery of 25 electric trucks. It;’s the first step in a bid to reduce thousands of diesel trips and tons of pollution a day.

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Not In Our Trainyard

Residents of Gardner, Kansas are concerned a major new trading hub will mean an increase in diesel pollution to their community.

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Shipping Smog

Living On Earth’s Anna Solomon-Greenbaum reports on efforts to force the EPA to create emissions standards for ocean-going vessels that call on U.S. ports. Global trade is bringing more and more cargo ships to American harbors, and with the cargo comes air pollution from ships burning cheap, dirty fuel.