Responsibility for the Holocaust

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This Holocaust survivor convinced a Dutch rail firm to make reparations

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Netherlands paid for their train, operated by the Dutch state-run company NS, that later deported to them death camps. The parents of Holocaust survivor Salo Muller were on one of those trains.

The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany in exchange for a promise to develop the land. Franz Blumenstein rides a donkey in Sosúa, Dominican Republic, 1940.

The Dominican Republic took in Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler while 31 nations looked away

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US deports accused former Nazi guard to Germany

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visits the Ulma Family Museum of Poles Who Saved Jews during World War II in Markowa, Poland, February 2, 2018.

Poland’s government insists it wasn’t denying the Holocaust when it blamed Jews, in part, for World War II


Did he or didn’t he accept the Holocaust? You decide

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Provocative artist Charles Krafft goes public as Holocaust denier

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Charles Krafft has generated a wide following for his provocative art. But until recently, he wasn’t especially controversial. But a reporter recently uncovered, and confirmed, that Krafft doesn’t believe in the Holocaust.

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War crimes suspect in court

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John Demjanjuk made a court appearance in Germany today on charges that he was a Nazi concentration camp guard. Steve Rosenberg reports.

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Anti-Semitism in Spain

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Two new polls indicate that anti-Semitism may be on the rise in Spain. The World’s Gerry Hadden reports.