Reproductive rights

A woman with a black and white striped shirt sits outside with younger children surrounding her.

Czech Republic may offer justice, compensation to thousands of sterilized Roma women 

Human rights

A new bill under consideration in the Czech Republic could compensate women who were involuntarily sterilized up to $13,000. Roma women and activist groups say reaching this stage is a huge milestone. 

Women's March activists participate in a nationwide protest against US President Donald Trump's decision to fill the seat on the Supreme Court left by the passing of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the 2020 election, in Washington, Oct. 17, 2020.

How the US presidential election could impact women’s health worldwide


As access to abortion gets harder in the US, women turn to an online service in the Netherlands

Health & Medicine
Shadowy figures walk down a dark street.

Dozens of Indigenous women forcibly sterilized file a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government

A model of a fetus

The South Korean government is reviewing its 1950s abortion ban

Health & Medicine
People celebrate the result of this week's referendum on liberalizing abortion law

After Ireland’s historic vote, UK hears calls to relax rules in Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe with even rape and fatal fetal abnormality not considered legal grounds for a termination.

A blond woman is speaking into a microphone at a podium with a sign on the front that says "Stand up for women"

Outgoing Planned Parenthood head says rights are ‘at risk under this government’

Global Politics

As Cecile Richard’s tenure at Planned Parenthood comes to a close, she talks with us about the global gag rule and reproductive rights.

March for Life

He argues for rolling back abortion rights in the US


Clarke Forsythe has worked with Americans United for Life in the courts and state legislatures to restrict abortion, always with an eye on overturning Roe v. Wade.

Kenyan women wait to receive family planning and reproductive health services at the Family Health Options Kenya

Kenyan health providers call Trump’s global gag rule ‘a death sentence’ for women


President Donald Trump cut US funding to any international organization that administers or even discusses abortion with its patients. A Kenyan health group is traveling across the US to tell Americans how that rule affects the country.

Thousands of protesters gathered for the annual March for Life rally in Washington, DC.

A Latina explains why she backs the March for Life


Some from Latin America say Washington has historically imposed “a sort of imperialism” in its funding for global groups that offer family planning advice, including access to abortion.