Price of petroleum

A pump jack is seen at sunrise near Bakersfield, California.

How Saudi Arabia can stop America from producing more fuel


The myth of energy independence, despite US assertions. “If I was Saudi Arabia, and I didn’t want to lose marketshare to these producers in Texas, I would send them a signal that any time I want to … I can basically ruin the economics of your industry,” says one energy expert.

Oil tankers in Russia

The decline in oil prices will put the squeeze on Iran and Russia — and give a jolt to American consumers

A salesman stands next to a Hummer for sale at an auto trading center in Shanghai on June 3, 2009.

The gas-guzzling Hummer makes a comeback as fuel prices plunge


Obama promises action to fight oil market speculators; other questions effectiveness

Global Politics

America set to become a net exporter of petroleum fuel products

Obama taps Strategic Petroleum Reserve


The White House releases 30 million barrels of oil from America’s petroleum reserves — the impact on fuel consumption and economic growth.

Dropping fuel prices good and bad


The drop in gas prices is good news for consumers, but spells trouble for global warming and international stability.

The end of the “Oil Age”


Energy analyst Michael Klare says the world’s largest oil fields are running out of oil at twice the rate that we’d previously assumed.

Drilling for oil off the shores of America


The debate over offshore oil drilling set against high gas prices, environmental concerns, oil speculation, and the politics of energy.

President Obama to Crack Down on Oil Manipulation

President Obama announced a crackdown on manipulation and speculation in the oil markets, calling for more government oversight of the oil markets, including increased funding and staffing for the Commodities Future Trading Commission and an increase in civil and criminal penalties for market manipulators. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at Oil Price Information Service, looks […]