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President Donald Trump listens during a phone call Oct. 4, 2020, in his conference room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Former CDC head: COVID-19’s spread in White House shows ‘testing does not replace safety measures’

Many who specialize in infectious disease control say the White House is setting a bad example for the rest of the globe. The World spoke to Dr. Tom Frieden, a former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


US Supreme Court partially reinstates travel ban, will hear arguments in October

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A group of miners wearing black polos and several onlookers watch President Donald Trump as he holds up a signed version of his most recent executive order, “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.”

President Trump, with new coal jobs on the horizon, what will you do to keep miners safe?

Rusty patched bumblebee

President Trump, will you preserve the Endangered Species Act?

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Wilbur Ross will shepherd Trump’s trade policy. Should he also own a shipping firm?

Rex Tillerson

When it comes to North Korea, the era of ‘strategic patience’ is over


On Friday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for an end to Barack Obama’s “strategic patience” policy.


President Trump, why are you shrinking the EPA when Defense Secretary Mattis believes climate change is a national security threat?

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On Thursday, President Donald Trump released his first federal budget — it includes enough policy shockers that even Republicans in Congress say it’s dead on arrival.


Trump’s travel ban has been blocked twice but the president is still fighting for it

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It was a humiliating setback for Trump, who saw his first attempt at limiting travel from the Muslim world halted by the federal courts last month after it had caused chaos at airports both in the US and abroad.


President Trump, how does your administration plan to officially change the Every Student Succeeds Act?

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At the time of its passage, many hailed this multifaceted education law as a bipartisan victory.


Bomb threats are one part of a wave of anti-Semitism in America


The incidents are causing fear across Jewish communities.