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capitol building and theater in havana, cuba

Cuba opens discussion of constitution overhaul to citizens abroad

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The government said it would make the proposed changes available on the internet, along with a form that citizens living abroad could fill out with their opinions and proposals.

The Bella ll Health and Beauty Institute, a beauty salon in Havana

Cuban cooperatives present a new economic model

Vintage Postcard of Cruise from Miami to Havana

No cigar just yet: Many obstacles remain before complete normalization with Cuba

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Bob Guild is vice president of Marazul Charters, a US-based travel group founded in 1979 when Washington briefly loosened travel restrictions to Cuba.

These travel groups have bridged the US-Cuba divide for decades

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The Cuban flag is displayed during pre-game anthems at exhibition game between members of one of Cuba's most famous baseball teams, Industriale, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The deal between Washington and Havana has baseball fans drooling


Renowned, outspoken Cuban dissident dies in car accident

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Oswaldo Payá is credited with changing the conversation in Cuba, bringing to light grassroots dissatisfaction with the Cuban government and the direction of its policies.

Cuba cuts a half million jobs

The Cuban government recently announced that it’s laying off 500,000 state workers. A Cuba scholar helps people figure out what it means.

Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Dies in Car Crash

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Paya, 60, was a respected member of the Cuban dissident movement and an unrelenting crusader for civil society.

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Fidel Castro Writes Haiku, Talks Yoga on Twitter

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Fidel Castro’s haikus extoll the virtues of growing mulberry trees, and he marvels at what yoga can do with the human body.

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Cuba plans massive layoff

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The Cuban government says it will slash a half million government jobs over the next six months. The idea is to shrink the government payroll while increasing private-sector jobs. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Andy Gomez at the University of Miami.