Political history

U.S. foils Iran’s plot against Saudi ambassador

American officials say they disrupted a major terror plot with a connection to Iran.

People walk under the "Lichtgrenze" installation along the River Spree in Berlin on November 8, 2014. A part of the inner city of Berlin was temporarily divided with a light installation to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This Berlin friendship began over the radio and in the shadow of the Wall

The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, nearly 800 years old, still influences modern perceptions of civil rights

The World That Was
Mesmuah Yeshuah Synagogue in Yangon, Myanmar, decked out for Sammy Samuel's wedding

Jews are making their way to Myanmar, just like their ancestors did

Lifestyle & Belief

Why do we love conspiracy theories?

Lifestyle & Belief

Migrant workers in Thailand in line for a raise — if they can prove they’re legal

Thailand’s work force is comprised of a large number of migrant workers, some of whom are in the country illegally. But for those who can prove they’re in the country legally, they’re set to get a raise, as well as access to government benefits.

Islam for the environment

Islamic scholars in Africa and the Middle East are reaching into the religion’s tradition of conservation to encourage adherents to help the environment.

Hurricane makes trouble for Jamaican musician

Arts, Culture & Media

Jamaican reggae star, Claudius “Kingman” Linton, is making a comeback, even though Tropical Storm Gustav has destroyed his Jamaican home.

Aid for Burma

‘The World’ reports on the foreign aid to Burma, which was devastated by a cyclone that left more than 22,000 dead.

Ethnic & Religious Violence Challenge Democratic Transition in Myanmar

Conflict & Justice

Despite its ongoing transition from authoritarian rule to democracy, Myanmar is still facing serious tensions among its various ethnic groups. Anchor Marco Werman discusses those tensions with The World’s Aaron Schachter.