Solar power booming in the United States


After years of waiting and hoping, solar power is now affordable, and some solar power companies are cashing in.

Attendees take pictures of the new Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery during an event at Tesla Motors in Hawthorne, California, on April 30, 2015.

If Tesla’s new solar power batteries are as good as its cars, they could be a game changer

Nellis Solar Power Plant

Natural gas and solar power have been growing together. Can that last?

A solar panel produced at SolarWorld, America's largest manufacturer.

US solar panel manufacturers get a gift from the US military

Solar-powered car now comes in family size


Solar powered ocean-going boat makes pitstop in Boston


The MS Tûranor is on a voyage around the world, powered only by the sun. Thanks to batteries and a whole lot of solar panels, the ship can sail through day and night, storms and open ocean without any trouble. The boat is currently on a scientific expedition, examining the Gulf Stream.

Farmers in Pennsylvania taking proceeds from fracking and investing in solar


Farmers around Pennsylvania, and indeed around the country are increasingly taking the money they make opening their land up to fracking and investing in renewable energy. Specifically, a number of farmers have chosen to plow their windfall into solar panels.

Recent solar panel adopter sees success in eliminating electric bill


Helen Palmer installed solar panels on the roof of her home in 2012. And since then, basically, she hasn’t seen an electric bill. In fact, when last she checked, she had a credit of nearly $43 on her bill. She hasn’t paid off her initial investment, but she’s making progress.

New Jersey warehouse unveils massive rooftop solar project

The Gloucester Marine Terminal, a gigantic produce warehouse in New Jersey, has completed construction on the largest rooftop solar installation in America. The installation has drawn attention to the potential for more corporate rooftop solar projects.

Micro-loans helping solar power take hold in India

India, a country struggling to meet surging demand for power, has turned to small renewable stations on people’s homes to help make sure there’s a continuous supply of power.