Ruthie sits next to the natural toilet her owner made for her during the COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai, China

Pet owners in Shanghai struggle to care for their animals during COVID lockdowns


When Shanghai residents test positive for COVID-19 and are required to stay at quarantine facilities, there’s no government plan for who will take care of their pets while they’re away. Now, communities are banding together to deal with the problem.

Cats rest outside a closed shop on cement steps with a red and green backdrop.

Pets stranded during the pandemic await reunions with their families

Archie, a chihuahua, is pictured here.

How do you take the perfect dog portrait? The Dogist has you covered.

Charles Mingus Toilet Trained His Cat. We Put His Method to the Test.

Arts, Culture & Media

Charles Mingus Toilet Trained His Cat. We Put His Method to the Test.

Arts, Culture & Media

Six Instapets You Need to Follow

Arts, Culture & Media

The most adorable pets on Instagram aren’t dogs or cats. Here are six non-traditional Instapets that will overload your cute circuits.

Dog running with owner

Dog owners live longer, a new study says


While even good human relationships can be complicated, a family dog will unfailingly greet its members with simple joy. Now, a new study recently published in the journal Scientific Reports finds that, along with the blessing of uncritical friendship, household dogs can actually help people live longer.

President Barack Obama runs on green grass, holding a football in his hands, as the family dog Bo chases close behind on May 12, 2009.

President Trump, will you follow other presidents and get a White House dog?

Global Politics

Presidential pets have been a mainstay in the White House. Will Trump follow suit and welcome a dog?

Housecat stalking

Do you really understand the ‘lion in your living room’?


A new book documents how house cats came to thrive in a human-dominated world, and how, in reality, we didn’t tame them, they tamed us.

Jagger, a three year old Irish setter, died shortly after competing at Britain's elite Crufts dog show.

An alleged murder mystery shocks the dog show world


One of the world’s biggest dog shows is reeling after a top contender died — possibly poisoned. The owners of a three-year-old Irish setter named Jagger believe their dog was murdered with poisoned food after competing at the Crufts dog show.