Children stand in front of the building of the Peruvian Congress as part of a call to demand accountability for cancer patients in Peru, September 2023.

Desperate cancer patients in Peru look for options across the Atlantic

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In Peru, cancer patients are facing enormous challenges to be able to survive. The situation is especially dire for children with leukemia. Many die because they couldn’t get access to treatment in time. More and more parents are seeking help in Spain.

Lake Palcacocha is located in Peru's Ancash region, at 15,000 feet above sea level.

‘We are worried’: Melting glaciers lead to dangerous overflow in this Peruvian lake

Indigenous activists run through the streets of Lima during a recent protest against Dina Boluarte's goverment. 

‘Our people have always struggled:’ Peru’s Indigenous groups aim for more power in Congress

The Inca temple of Sacsayhuamán gets only a handful of visitors per day now, as tourists cancel their trips to Cusco amid protests taking place in Peru.

Protests across Peru are keeping tourists away from the country’s top travel destinations

Melina León at her Lima apartment with some of the awards she got for her debut film, “Song Without a Name.”

Peruvian filmmaker Melina León boosts Peru’s film industry with strong female leads

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A view of a tent camp set by migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere gathering at the Belarus-Poland border near Grodno, Belarus

EU officials accuse Belarus of creating a new migrant crisis

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The EU accuses Belarus of trying to create a new migrant crisis in Europe. Also, Ethiopian authorities detain more than 70 drivers working for the United Nations by delivering aid. And, nearly 200 nations compose a draft of the Glasgow agreement at the COP26 climate conference.

Chairs lined up inside US visa's center at Embassy of the United States of America is shown in Kabul, Afghanistan

First group of Afghans who helped American troops are flown to the US

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The first group of Afghans who’ve helped American forces has arrived for resettlement in the United States. And, Mexico plans to hold its first referendum on Sunday to determine if the past five former presidents can be put on trial for corruption while they were in office. Also, President Joe Biden and major carmakers are negotiating a pledge to make electric at least 40% of all cars and SUVs sold in 2030.

A large pile of stones are shown with a square opening and a passageway.

UNESCO adds an ancient Peruvian solar observatory to its World Heritage Sites


Iván Ghezzi, an archeologist and the director of the Chankillo project that was awarded the honor, discusses how the centuries-old system operated, and how it’s still precise to this day.

Man with oxygen mask lies face down on a stretcher with a green blanket on top and two people in the distance

COVID downward spiral in Latin America disrupts life-saving services


Brazil’s experience is a cautionary tale of what happens when infections go unchecked and vaccination rates lag, said Marcia Castro, a Brazilian demographer and chair of global health and population at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Who Owns Peru’s Culture?

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For nearly 100 years, Yale University’s Peabody Museum has been the keeper of thousands of relics found at Machu Picchu — the “lost city of the Incas,” perched 8-thousand feet up in the Peruvian Andes. About 5 years ago, Peru’s government started asking Yale to return the artifacts. Mary Stucky recently went to Machu Picchu […]