Nanette Senters is one of roughly 1,500 workers at the General Motors factory in Lordstown, Ohio, that will no longer be working there come March.

Rust Belt jobs are still going overseas. The impact could be felt for generations.

President Donald Trump talks a lot about bringing jobs back home. But American companies have continued to send jobs abroad, often with devastating impacts on American communities, more devastating than many of us might think.

U.S. H1-B visa program may help companies outsource, offshore jobs

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China: The midterm election boogie man

Outsourcing 2.0: India May Now Become a Hub for Creative Work

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Cash-strapped city outsources municipal jobs

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Strategies For Saving Your Job

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Is there a way to be proactive and stave off a layoff? Cali Yost, blogger for Fast Company magazine joins The Takeaway to talk about ways to save your job in this economy.

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Innovation without borders


Host Lisa Mullins speaks with author Rowan Gibson about how businesses can encourage innovation even if their host countries don’t; Gibson’s new book is called, “Innovation to the Core”.