Nuclear power in the United States

Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants

Nuclear energy gets a ‘green’ boost in New Jersey


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently signed into law subsidies for two aging nuclear power plants. Some say the deal will help New Jersey meet its climate protection goals, but others have criticized the measure.

Three MIle Island

A former EPA director is pushing for wider use of nuclear power in the US


As Japan struggles to contain Fukushima, U.S. facilities face tighter restrictions


Two New Nuclear Reactors Get Go-Ahead

An Examination of the National Regulatory Commission

Fighting Further Meltdowns

Nuclear expert Arjun Makhijani analyzes developments at the Fukushima nuclear complex and what options Japanese workers have for control.

Mother Nature vs. US Nuclear Power Plants

Japan teeters on the brink of a nuclear meltdown following the 8.9 earthquake and the enormous tsunami. Meanwhile, many in the U.S. are pondering the state of our nuclear power plants if they ever faced a similar bout with mother nature. The U.S. is the home of 104 nuclear reactor sites, four of them along […]