Northern California

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After the California wildfires, community leaders are trying to rebuild homes — and trust in government agencies


The October wildfires in Northern California are out, but immigrant families are still weary of seeking help from the government.

Firefighters work to put out hot spots on a fast moving wind driven wildfire in Orange, California, Oct. 9, 2017.

Wildfires creating ‘hellscape’ in Northern California


Headwaters Forest: Logging Under Fire

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Headwaters Land Swap

The Clinton administration is hailing its land deal with the Maxxam Corporation to save 7,500 acres of redwood forest in northern California. But some environmentalists say it’s a raw deal for the public. Steve talks with Cecelia Landman, project director of the Environmental Protection Information Center which has spent the last decade fighting to prevent […]

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Logless Mill

V.J. Gibson of Oregon’s Jefferson Public Radio reports from Mt. Shasta, California on the Pacific Northwest’s first sawmill that re-mills used wood.

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Redwoods Revisited

The Headwaters stand in Northern California drew hundreds of tree-sitting protesters over the last twenty years, but now the owners say they may give up and sell the forest.

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San Joaquin’s Salted Fields

Farmers in the famously fertile San Joaquin Valley of California are taking their land out of production because the soil is becoming too salty. Tamara Keith from KQED reports the farmers say the government should pay them for their loss.

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Lake Tahoe Mansions

On the shores of Lake Tahoe, mansions are multiplying and mountain chalets are disappearing. Some local planners say the huge homes are out of place aesthetically, but wealthy homeowners take a dim view of any property limitations. Willie Albright reports.