North Atlantic right whale

A female North Atlantic Right whale entangled in fishing gear

North Atlantic right whales are shrinking in size as they struggle to survive environmental havoc


North Atlantic right whales face a number of threats from climate change, vessel strikes, and entanglements in fishing gear, and scientists estimate that fewer than 400 remain. Now researchers have discovered that because of these stresses, the whales are smaller than they should be, which could be leading to fewer successful births.

North Atlantic right whale with calf in blue-green waters

Little time left to save the North Atlantic right whale

Northern right whales

Endangered right whales have moved because of climate change — into dangerous waters

Climate Change
Northern right whale with calf

The Northern right whale, already an endangered species, is in deep trouble

The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island.

Experts say ‘extinction is around the corner’ for Atlantic right whales


Right whale born in cold North Atlantic waters beats odds, survives winter


Right whales typically give birth in warm waters off the coasts of Florida and Georgia, but this past year, one whale mother didn’t make the migration, and gave birth off Massachusetts. Scientists worried the calf would die but, against the odds, it survived and the pair met back up with its pod this spring.

Right Whales in the Wrong Place

A North Atlantic Right Whale mother and newborn calf have been spotted in Cape Cod Bay. These endangered Right Whales usually give birth in the more balmy waters of Florida and Georgia at this time of year.

Whale Alert: A New Smart App to Save Endangered Whales


A new smart app called “Whale Alert!” that has been designed to help prevent ships from colliding with endangered North Atlantic Right Whales.


Listeners weigh in on our coverage of the recent whale hunt by native Americans in Washington state.