Birds fly above Mount Everest against a blue sky

COVID-19 may impact Nepal’s climbing season, but government denies rising cases


Mountaineers say COVID-19 is rapidly spreading on Mount Everest. “We could have a very, very bad tragedy this year,” said Leo Namen, a climber from Canada.

A tiger crosses a road in India’s Ranthambore National Park.

GPS tracking could help tigers and traffic coexist across Asia

Author Anna Dahlqvist talking with Saudah, a teenager in Kampala, Uganda

The ‘menstrual awakening’: Shattering the period stigma

Women & Gender
Woman with tool in front of damaged building

Nepali immigrants who came to the US after the 2015 earthquake can stay a little longer

Goats at Leach Farms in upstate New York.

Some immigrants in New York prefer to slaughter animals themselves. There’s a farm that wants to help.

Nepali immigrants registerf or TPS at a clinic at highschool in Queens organized by Adhikaar last March.

With earthquake recovery back home stalled, Nepalis push for renewed protections in the US

Global Politics

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused huge devastation in Nepal in April, 2015. Many Nepalis in America at the time were allowed to stay — and now they want to continue to live in America to help support their families who are still recovering.

Shreesha Duwal

A feisty 12-year-old shows us what life in Nepal is like after the earthquake


This 12-year-old lost her home in Nepal’s 2015 earthquake but she has managed to stay in school. Now she just needs the other kids to stop taunting her for being homeless.

Bishnu Pande with Ayusha

Just like that: As number of widows grow, widowhood is changing in Nepal


Thousands of men leave Nepal every year to work abroad, mostly in Gulf states. They send money to their families — but sometimes they don’t return. And this is having deep repercussions for the women they leave behind.

Harimaya Subedi

Widowhood hard to transcend in tradition-bound Nepal


Traditionally, widows can be shunned or deprived of basic rights in Nepal, consigned to a life of ritual mourning. But as more young men in Nepal die while working abroad, some of those restrictions are loosening.

Earthquakes in Nepal are only the start of the country's problems

Months after deadly quakes, Nepal’s problems are only multiplying


The last major earthquake in Nepal was two months ago. But aid organizations are struggling to keep up as monsoon season brings landslides, creating a snowball effect.