Mental health

Children play with a therapist in the pediatric unit of the Robert Debre hospital, in Paris, France

Discussion: Children’s mental health during COVID

Coronavirus Conversations

The World’s reporter Elana Gordon hosted a discussion on the pandemic’s effects on children’s mental health with Karestan Koenen, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Several large stickers are shown on the floor with yellow and black arrows with a person standing on one arrow going the opposite direction.

Discussion: The mental health impacts of reopening society

Naomi Osaka, in a tennis hat and ponytail, puts her hand on her head

Japan’s Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open sparks conversation on mental health in elite sports 

For one of their projects, children were asked to draw two worlds: the reality they live in today and an imaginary world they would like for themselves, and then connect the two with a bridge.

A mental health crisis on Lesbos is worsening 

A photo of some of the Grandmothers trained by Friendship Bench who provide mental health advice at the Mbare Clinic in Harare Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe, a talk therapy program trains ‘grandmothers’ to lend a supportive ear

A man stands in front of the Skogafoss waterfall in Skogar, Iceland, March 8, 2020.

2020: The year of the primal scream — and other pandemic remedies 


The pandemic pushed our collective mental health to the breaking point with unprecedented stress, anxiety and fear. From screaming and baking to writing and singing, here are just some of the ways people around the world coped under lockdown.

Two people stand at a protest with a loud speaker in their hands.

A therapists’ network supports immigrants, advocates during pandemic 


The Latinx Therapists Action Network, with a presence in 20 US states, works with therapists committed to supporting immigrant communities and the movements allied with them.

A veteran is hugged by his son

How to help veterans every day, not just on Veterans Day


Death by suicide is the second most common form of death for veterans under age 35. But being there as friends and neighbors for veterans (and for everyone) can really brighten their prospects.

A young woman is shown wearing a face mask and backpack while holding a laptop.

Discussion: Mental health concerns for students of color heightened amid the coronavirus

Health & Medicine

Young people of color around the world confront serious challenges and systemic inequalities in higher education that are only exacerbated amid the pandemic. This panel discussion, moderated by GBH News’ Phillip Martin, addressed the mental health challenges for young people of color navigating today’s campus climate, social distancing protocols and remote learning experiences.

A crowd of protesters are shown with a man in the center holding a sign that reads, "Racism is a pandemic too."

Discussion: Mental health concerns for young people of color during COVID-19

Health & Medicine

Even prior to the coronavirus, young people of color around the world faced daunting challenges, which are highlighted at the workplace. Now, amid the pandemic, those systemic inequalities are exacerbated. This panel discussion, moderated by GBH News’ Phillip Martin, explored the mental health factors employers should consider in helping to establish a more supportive workplace.