Mediterranean cuisine


Istanbul’s Asitane restaurant is a ‘gateway’ to the city’s culinary past


The restaurant re-creates dishes dating back to the early days of the Ottoman Empire.

Olive harvest underway

Tunisia looks to tap into its history and push its olive oil front and center

Tony Gemignani's Neapolitan margherita pizza.

How Tony Gemignani shocked the pizza world


Italy’s extra virgin olive oil isn’t always so virgin, or so Italian

Spaniards outraged by new, strict EU regulations on olive oil

Global Politics

Europe’s New Olive Oil Law Seen by Many as Meddling

Global Politics

The European Union has passed a law banning unlabeled olive oil flasks and dipping bowls, the kind traditionally seen in restaurants in Spain. Instead, restaurants must offer sealed, clearly labelled throw-away oil containers.

Yes, A Mediterranean Diet is Good For You

Arts, Culture & Media

News of a new study showing that a “Mediterranean diet” is good for your health isn’t really news for people in Spain.

The World

Smuggling Pizza Ingredients Into Canada

Conflict & Justice

For our Geo Quiz we’re trying to track down some pizza rustlers, some cheese pizza rustlers. Police in Southern Ontario are investigating an unusual criminal case that involves some local pizzerias.

Sharing Turkey’s Centuries-Old Coffee Tradition with a Food Truck

Arts, Culture & Media

Members of The American Turkish Association are at the end of a five-city tour in their Mobile Turkish Coffee Truck. The idea is to spread the word about Turkey’s centuries-old coffee tradition.

Friday Follow: Cain Train Derails, OWS Goes Mobile, Pizza as Vegetable

Continued gaffes from the Cain campaign, diminishing returns for the GOP from their presidential candidates, Occupy Wall Street moves out of the park, and pizza is now technically a vegetable – for better or worse – these are stories that dominated the headlines for the last week. The Takeaway has assembled a panel of analysts […]