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A medical student lives out the dreams of her undocumented father — even if he is deported


Belsy Garcia Manrique, a 27-year-old medical student in Chicago, came to the US from Guatemala as a child and is protected under DACA. But her 51-year-old father Felix Garcia is scheduled for deportation after 23 years in the US.

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DACA recipients saw their mental health improve. Now, advocates fear its end will have the opposite effect.

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In the age of Trump, fewer lenders want to provide this med student with student loans

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Halfway through med school, undocumented students worry Trump will derail their progress


NYU and other universities looking to shorten medical school to three years

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Ethiopia moving to address doctor shortage; critics say corners being cut

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Ethiopia has struggled with a shortage of qualified doctors for years. In an effort to resolve that, it’s vastly increased the sizes of existing classes and opened 13 new schools. But critics say Ethiopia is training a generation of woefully unqualified doctors.

Medical school with more humanity

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A top medical school is allowing students to avoid dreaded obstacles to becoming a doctor, including organic chemistry and the MCAT.

Does Medical School Make Students Jaded and Bitter?

The third year of medical school is a turning point for all the future doctors of America. It’s the time when medical students transition from the classroom years to the clinical years. It’s a time when the future patients of American hope they cultivate a love for healing and the wonders of the human body. […]

Ethiopia’s Crowded Medical Schools

In Ethiopia, doctors are in short supply, so the country has devised an ambitious plan to scale up medical education. But this focus on the quantity of doctors may come at the expense of quality.

Abraham Verghese: A Place to Call Home

Dr. Abraham Verghese first joined The Takeaway as part of the “My America” series. Verghese was raised in Ethiopia, by parents from India. He immigrated to the U.S. in the 1980s for a medical residency, and then to rural Tennessee treat gay men afflicted with HIV. Later, he became a professor at Stanford University Medical […]