Marco Werman

Marco Werman and Carolyn Beeler, co-hosts, "The World."

The World adds co-host to public radio’s longest-running global news program


Carolyn Beeler joins Marco Werman at the helm of the daily global news program from GBH and PRX.

Album covers of some of the allbums from artists included in the end-of-year music playlist with recommendations from The World staff. Clockwise, startiing from the top left corner: Adrian Quesada's "Boleros Psicodélicos," Sillvana Estrada's "Marchita," V

A musical journey around the globe 2022, a playlist

A man wearing a red cardigan with dark hair walks near a police officer.

After raid and arrest, Russian journalist ‘will just keep doing my job,’ he says

Tributes left outside the former home of Amy Winehouse in Camden, London, Friday, July 23, 2021, on the 10th anniversary of the iconic British singer's death from accidental alcohol poisoning.

The World remembers singer Amy Winehouse on the 10th anniversary of her death

Marco Werman is shown standing holding a red record across from April Peavey with a microphone stand inbetween them

The World’s favorite albums of 2019

Marco Werman in the studio on the right-hand side facing Ai Weiwei

Host Marco Werman’s favorite interviews of 2018

From artist Ai Weiwei, to the coach of Afghanistan’s national women’s team Kelly Lindsey, host Marco Werman shares his favorite interviews of 2018.

The view from the tracks

In photos: A view of America from the tracks


Our host got the chance to take the train across the US. Here’s what he saw.

Canadian Physics Student’s Rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody Goes Viral

Arts, Culture & Media

Timonthy Blais is a graduate student in physics at at McGill University in Montreal. He’s also the latest You Tube sensation. His rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” with new lyrics about string theory is approaching 1 million views.

The World

Hells Angels Open a Store in Toronto

Conflict & Justice

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has opened up a retail store in Toronto. National Post Senior Reporter Peter Kuitenbrouwer talks to anchor Marco Werman about his not-so-friendly encounter with the store’s staff.

The World

A Look at Major Topics Ahead of the UN General Assembly

Conflict & Justice

Colum Lynch of the Washington Post gives anchor Marco Werman a preview of this year’s UN gathering. One topic that’s sure to be on the agenda? Syria.