Luke DeBoer, left, and fiancée Ida Marie Rygg on a trip to Kjerag mountain in Norway. Closed borders during the coronavirus pandemic separated them for months.

‘Love is essential’: Some EU countries relax rules for separated cross-border couples


Closed borders during the coronavirus pandemic have taken long-distance relationships to a whole new level. Now, some countries are providing sweet relief for cross-border couples. Norway’s new rules took effect July 15.

The backyard of Juliet's house in Verona with the famous balcony full of tourists.

Letters from Juliet offer love, hope and human connection

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The Winning Valentine GIF

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A Somali soldier patrols a street following a suicide car bomb and gun attack.

The death of a Navy SEAL reveals US mission creep in Somalia


A longtime Africa correspondent looks behind the headlines in Somalia and talks about his new memoir.

Drs. Abdulkhalek (center) and Farida (right)  look on during a Senate Foreign Relations hearing on the conflict in Syria on Capitol Hill in Washington.

These two Syrian doctors survived the siege of Aleppo — and helped many others survive, too


As bombs rained down in Aleppo, these Syrian doctors comforted their patients — and their daughter. The couple traveled to Washington this week to lobby Congress for humanitarian aid for Syria.


Losing the Language of ‘Us’


Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but love shouldn’t be sequestered to one measly day. This week, The World in Words explores the intersection of language and love from Danish love songs to the five love languages to one woman’s love, loss and language.

Love t-shirt

How traditional couples changed the definition of marriage and opened the doors for same-sex weddings


There were many places in Europe, in southern France for example, that the only place you could find true love was in adultery, because marriage was such a mercenary institution. But then that all changed — and planted the seeds for same-sex marriage to eventually blossom.

An Iranian woman holds up her hand, painted with henna, under a religious sentence as she prepares for a wedding ceremony in the city of Qeshm on Qeshm Island at the Persian Gulf, November 1, 2006. The sentence reads, "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent

You’re a Muslim who’s not supposed to date. How do you find love?


Dating as we know it in the West is forbidden under Islam. Observant Muslim parents tell their children not to date, but how is a young Muslims to find love?