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Iowa farmland loss to development

US lost 11 million acres of farmland to development in past 2 decades

In the last 20 years, more than 11 million acres of US farmland have been converted, fragmented or paved over by development projects, according to a new report by the American Farmland Trust.

Grocery meat aisle

Pandemic exposes ‘major vulnerabilities’ in the American food system, says author Michael Pollan

young adults make hot sauce

In Camden, a hot sauce is helping young urban entrepreneurs fight poverty


How organic food saved a hard-luck, Vermont town

Local eating in a global world


Sustainable Business Development

Former venture capitalist Woody Tasch says somewhere between philanthropy and venture capital, there needs to be investment in sustainable enterprises.

Commnity-Supported Agriculture

Steve Curwood talks with the owners of Caretaker Farm in Williamstown, MA, a community-supported agriculture enterprise that links traditional organic, local food production and an unconventional approach to marketing.

The World

Hospitals Buying Local

Many hospitals are expanding their cuisine and turning to local farms for fresh produce.