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A group walks under a large rainbow flag.

Can a star-studded, global Pride parade online replace the real thing?


Since the first brick was thrown at Stonewall in the summer of 1969, LGBTQ communities around the world have celebrated queerness each June, with protests, parties and day-long parades. Celebrations this year will look different — online.


Jerusalem celebrates Gay Pride under tight security

Hari Nef

Actress Hari Nef wants to see complex, even difficult, trans characters on TV

A red envelope is given out during Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Liverpool, England, on February 22, 2015.

LGBT couples turn a Lunar New Year tradition into a plea for acceptance

Gay rights activists in Moscow held a banner that reads "Homophobia is the shame of Russia," as they protested in front of the Sochi 2014 organizing committee building in Moscow on September 25, 2013.

A gay Russian gets asylum and a new life in the US

Conflict & Justice
Delhi Queer Pride parade

A colonial-era law against same-sex relationships goes back on the books in India

Development & Education

An anti-gay law dating back to the time when India was a British colony has been reinstated by the Supreme Court of India. Previously in 2009, a Delhi court order had decriminalized gay sexual relationships.

Delhi’s LGBT Pride parade shows what a difference a decade can make in India

Lifestyle & Belief

Just a decade ago, the idea of a Pride parade in India would have been unthinkable. But this weekend, the sixth annual LGBT Pride parade was held in New Delhi — and hundreds turned out. It’s a sign that the LGBT community is gaining some acceptance in broader Indian culture.

Gay softball controversy

Global Politics

Controversy surrounds the 2008 Gay Softball World Series — the winning team may have used too many straight players.

A call for gays to boycott heterosexual weddings

Global Politics

One man is boycotting heterosexual weddings until same-sex marriages are nationally recognized, and calls on the gay community to do the same.

First Ever Russian Themed Float to Participate in NYC’s Gay-Pride Parade

Conflict & Justice

Anchor Carol Hills speaks with Pasha Zalutski, a native of Belarus, who is organizing the first Russian themed float in this weekend’s Gay Pride Parade in New York City.