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Automation could have a disproportionate effect on women’s jobs

Automation is expected to make many jobs disappear in the future. And according to a recent study, women are more vulnerable to job loss than men.

Campesinos working in Tlalquiltenango, Morelos, Mexico. 

Why food insecurity is a global farmworker issue

Maria Vera Lucia Terno da Silva, 51, has worked as a domestic employee since she was 19.

Brazil’s domestic workers get help with app

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Child laborers in the Philippines

These photos of Filipino children working in mines and on sugar plantations will make you cry


Who’s looking out for kids in reality TV?

Global Politics

Farmers Disagree With Child-Labor Laws

The Takeaway has been talking about child labor in America this week, from paper routes to custodial work. Now, a look at the farm. Should children be restricted from doing certain kinds of agricultural work? The Department of Labor thinks so. In a new proposal, they are hoping to bar most farm hands younger than […]

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100 Years After the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Conflict & Justice

The World’s Jason Margolis looks at the legacy of New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on the global garment industry today. The fire, which occurred 100 years ago Friday, was one of the worst workplace disasters in US history.

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Migrant workers rights in the gulf

Correspondent Ben Gilbert reports on a controversy over migrant workers’ rights in the Arab Gulf states, as migrant laborers in Dubai recently took to the streets to demand better pay and working conditions.