John Lennon

Klaus Voormann, German born artist and friend to The Beatles

Klaus Voormann’s long history with The Beatles


Klaus Voormann first met The Beatles when they were a bunch of unknowns playing in Hamburg, Germany. Post-Beatles Voormann played bass with John Lennon and George Harrison. Now, Klaus has an art exhibit in Los Angeles that will include art designs through the years, including the cover art he did for The Beatles 1966 album, “Revolver.”

Sun(glasses) King

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Sean Lennon

The ballad of Sean and Yoko

Cilla Black with Cliff Richard

Americans and Brits remember Cilla Black

Photo illustration of Sen. Ted Cruz and a video of musician John Lennon singing his song "Imagine".

The Ted Cruz/John Lennon mashup you never knew you wanted

Lennon sculture in Havana, Cuba

You can take your picture with John Lennon in Havana, but don’t mess with his glasses

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A statue of John Lennon has been seated on a bench in a Havana park for the last 13 years. Problem was, Lennon’s circular glasses kept getting stolen — that is, until an aging Cuban man became his guardian.

Pakistan’s protest music

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A pair of Pakistani professors sings songs of protest — the music is new, but the lyrics are based on the words of iconic poets from the past.

Peace, love, lyrics and loot

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John Lennon’s hand-scrawled lyrics for “Give Peace a Chance” goes up for auction at Christie’s.

The Fiscal Cliff, in Song

Starbucks recently rolled out a new marketing campaign in which they’re urging Washington to “Come Together” a la the Beatles on the fiscal cliff business and everything else that divides our government. And we want to know: what song would you come up with to bring Washington together? One Hackensack, New Jersey listener had another […]

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Tim Page’s Do Not PlayList

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Kurt Andersen talks with music critic Tim Page about music he doesn’t need to hear again.