From left, students Shakked Klein, Nearodey Chhoem, Angelina Hadad, Nico Ben Jacob and Chidinma Okoli. About half the students at Givat Haviva come from abroad.

This school in Israel is opening dialogue among its Jewish, Arab and international students

Israel-Hamas war

In a country where most Arabs and Jews typically start going to separate schools starting at around kindergarten, one school in northern Israel is trying something different.

Many of the Jewish graves in Kyrgyzstan are adorned with Stars of David.

The Jewish graves in Kyrgyzstan are fading. But a small Jewish community continues to thrive. 

Protesters carry a banner with Sarah Halimi's face and name printed on it in a protest over a court's decision not to try her killer.

A French court won’t try the killer of a Jewish doctor. Thousands are protesting.


On Israel’s 70th anniversary, a lament: ‘The Jewish community in Iraq is no more’

einstein note

Einstein’s handwritten secrets for a happy life auctioned for $1.56 million

Leo Goldberger and his family came from Czechoslovakia, but they moved to Denmark before World War II. That decision was the reason they escaped the Holocaust.

Danes helped him escape the Holocaust. Today, he says Denmark should do more for refugees.

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Seventy years ago, Leo Goldberger fled his home on a cramped Danish fishing boat

A mosque attendant lowers a candelabra into a narrow shaft on the Muslim side of the shrine to an underground cave. It's revered as the place where Muslims and Jews believe Ibrahim, or Abraham, is buried.

In Hebron, Israelis and Palestinians share a holy site … begrudgingly


Jews and Muslims both claim the burial site of Abraham in Hebron as their own. It’s the Palestinian conflict in a nutshell.

Egg salad for Passover in Drohobych, Ukraine. Loli Kantor remembers this method of cutting an egg in the palm of your hand from her youth. It's part of the Jewish life that she documented in Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine has led to a Golden Age for Jews — though some are still leaving


It’s a disturbing time for Jews in Europe right now. But the conflict in Ukraine seems to be making that country a little more welcoming to its Jewish citizens, even as they continue leaving the country in large numbers.

A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally near the Israeli Consulate in New York to protest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech in front on Congress.

American Jews have mixed feelings about Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech

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Many American Jews were angered by Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress Tuesday, saying it endangered bipartisan support for Israel. But of course, there are plenty of different opinions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Uninvited by Obama, will Netanyahu speak to Congress?

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Even the Israeli prime minister’s usual supporters — and much of the Israeli public — question Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to address Congress on March 3 without an invitation from President Obama. The address, at the request of House Speaker John Boehner, comes two weeks before Israeli elections. Is Bibi being savvy, or playing the pawn?