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an ICE agent's back

Immigrant students settle with govt over fake university

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Six years after ICE revealed a university was a sting operation, the students caught in the middle say they still haven’t fully recovered. 

Students wearing masks make their way through the University of Chicago campus

‘This year is still not normal’: International students wade through a confusing mishmash of vaccine, visa rules

Emily Mao, second from left, joined a co-living community of students in Hangzhou, China, who are studying online — often overnight — at US and Canada-based colleges and universities.

Kept from foreign universities during pandemic, Chinese students form ‘study pods’ in shared housing

An overseas Chinese student wearing a face mask

International students displaced by COVID-19 also face headaches with online classes

Employment authorization forms

International students hoping for work training visas face long delays, denials

A college campus

Visa rules are restricting the future of international students in the US

Under the Trump administration, international students are facing new administrative hurdles. There are signs those changes are driving international students away from higher education in the US — students who are a boon for many US college campuses because they usually pay higher tuition rates.

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I am from Hong Kong, not China

Frances Hui, a student in Emerson College from Hong Kong, is proud of her city’s tradition of democratic rule and independent spirit. She penned a column for her college newspaper talking about her identity and received backlash from fellow students.

A group of Chinese students walking.

The US may face obstacles in the global race for Chinese students

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The US is still the number one destination for many Chinese international students. But a recent incident at Duke University over students speaking Chinese has some colleges worried that the US is gaining a reputation for being unwelcoming.

Students from Pakistan brought to the US under the Fulbright Program for Non-US Students.

Foreign students in the US provide a social — and financial — boost at American colleges


Are foreign students snatching up spots in college from American kids? Not according to a new report, which says foreign students are only 4 percent of the college student population, but contribute $27 billion to the economy — and valuable cultural knowledge for American students.

Chinese students find integrating into our society more challenging than classes

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International students continue to pour into American universities, many of them from China. But those Chinese students are running into challenges in adapting to U.S. culture. So at some universities, including the University of Southern California, the universities are stepping in to try and help.