Income tax in the United States

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Even Republicans like this tax cut for the working poor. Why was it left out of the Trump tax law?

Reagan called Earned Income Tax Credit part of “best anti-poverty bill” ever but it was never considered in the recent tax debate

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador gesturing in front of a red background

Mexican president hopes new tax cuts will deter migration to US

A view of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington

What other countries (and history) can teach Americans about taxation


Tax reform a popular topic among presidential candidates

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6 questions that help explain how the fiscal cliff will affect you

Conservative politicians argues Republicans can lead in dealing with climate change

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Bob Inglis is out of Congress now, but he’s still a committed conservative. Unlike many of his brethren, however, he’s ready to tackle climate change. And he says Republicans, conservatives, are in the perfect position to engage on the issue and lead solutions to deal with it.

Proposed tax hikes in France strike a nerve with top earners

French President Francois Hollande has called for a 75 percent income tax on top earners in France to help lower the country’s deficit. The hope is to stave off contagion from other faltering euro zone countries, but the proposal has received harsh criticism from France’s business class.

Grassroots movement afoot in Canada to raise taxes on top earners

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As American political leaders debate ways to cut taxes, in Canada there’s a different effort underway. A group of wealthy doctors are among a growing group of people calling for increased taxes on the top 10 percent of income earners as a way to fund Canadian programs and infrastructure.

American privilege comes with a cost — but is it too high?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made what some have called an outrageous claim about the roles of American citizens and their government, in calling for the most fortunate Americans to bear the burden of the privilege of being an American by paying higher taxes. Is it a privilege to be an American? And if so … what does that privilege cost?

Charitable deductions cap may hurt nonprofits

A strategy to increase tax revenue is a cap on the rate that high-income taxpayers can use to claim charitable deductions, worrying some non-profits.