a female prisoner holds her baby in a room with laundry hanging

Salvadoran women bond serving long sentences for the ‘crime’ of miscarriage

Women & Gender

El Salvador is one of just a handful of countries where abortion is banned in all circumstances. The ban is so draconian that even miscarriage is considered suspicious.

A woman in a factory

In one Oklahoma county, the number of women in prison is falling. This treatment program might be why.

Cherise Greer

Here’s a list of ways to help women who’ve been incarcerated

X-ray conveyor belt with luggage.

She was arrested for carrying a suitcase lined with cocaine into Canada. Her court case changed the law.

The icon for female is behind bars surrounded by a brick wall.

There are more women in prison than ever before

Nancy Polanco Najera

As more women are incarcerated in Mexico, so are their babies


“Why is this kid in here?” one man says of the girl he adopted, who lived with her mom in prison until several years ago.

A portrait of inmate Carmela Rodriguez Reyes in Mexico.

Women filling Mexico’s prisons are the ‘lowest rungs of the drug trade’


The number of women going to jail in Mexico is on the rise. Many are single moms trying to support their families.


President Trump, do you support rehabilitation or incarceration for nonviolent drug offenders?

Global Politics

Back in 1999, Aaron Glasscock was just 22-years-old and two months shy of graduating from college when he was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for a nonviolent drug offense: conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. Nearly 20 years later, Glasscock is out of prison, as his sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama.

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Blogging behind bars

Conflict & Justice

Charlie de Tar, PhD student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder of Between the Bars: Human Stories From Prison, joins us to explain how the project hopes to give prisoners a voice and increase the transparency of the prison system.

Panelists introduce high-tech prison reform at SXSW

Conflict & Justice

A group of panelists at this year’s South by Southwest interactive media conference in Austin, Texas, presented an idea to improve the U.S. prison system with smart phone technology. One of the attendees says the idea could reduce the levels of recidivism among low-level criminals.