In vitro fertilisation

Mother plays with toddler

China’s Gen X moms turn to IVF in desperate quest for a second baby

Reproductive rights

For decades, China’s one-child policy limited women to one child. In 2016, China introduced the two-child policy and now, older mothers are racing against their biological clocks to have another baby — with high emotional stakes.  

An illustration of small pieces of DNA at precise areas along a DNA strand

The first genome edited babies are here. What happens next?

A woman walks on the shore of the Mediterranean in Tel Aviv.

Facebook can learn from Israel when it comes to freezing women’s eggs


How Iran became a leader in fertility treatment, courtesy of the Ayatollahs

Health & Medicine

In a land of kids, infertile couples face stigma, challenges

Health & Medicine

Part III: Infertile in a Land of Kids

Health & Medicine

In Africa’s child-centered cultures, women who cannot give birth often endure stigma, scorn, and social isolation. A rare clinic in South Africa offers high-tech fertility treatment to those of low-income.

Freezing embryos, delaying parenthood

Global Politics

One couple is freezing embryos until they have the money and the time to raise children.

Turkey bans trips abroad for artificial insemination

A new law passed in Turkey makes it a criminal offense for a woman to go abroad for artificial insemination.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) for the poor

Health & Medicine

British scientist Robert Edwards won a Nobel Prize for helping develop in-vitro fertilization. Now, scientists are bringing the technology to the developing world.

The Legacy of the World’s First IVF Mother

Arts, Culture & Media

The British woman who gave birth to the world’s first test tube baby has died. Lesley Brown made history in July 1978 when her daughter Louise Brown was born following IVF treatment.