Immigration law

an ICE agent's back

Immigrant students settle with govt over fake university

On Course

Six years after ICE revealed a university was a sting operation, the students caught in the middle say they still haven’t fully recovered. 

A group of noncitizens crossing the border at night, silhouetted against a light

Biden proposes a legal term change to recognize the humanity of ‘noncitizens’

An inmate wearing an orange suit mops near blue plastic bags inside a detention center.

Immigrants, rights activists call on Biden to end private detention

Three men wearing orange prison suits fold their hands in their laps and wear blue shoes.

ICE detainees go on hunger strike to press for COVID-19 protections

A detainee talks with an employee in an exam room in the medial unit during a media tour at Northwest ICE Processing Center

ICE gets sued to release immigrant detainees amid COVID-19 pandemic

A mother and son embrace in a library.

For some Iranian families separated by the travel ban, this border library offers brief moments of reunion


The Haskell Free Library and Opera House straddles the US-Canada border as a historical anomaly and thrust into an unlikely role as the site of emotional reunions between people separated by the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

sepia toned image of young boy, with some damage to photo around edges

For a child migrant, days feel like a lifetime when you’re imprisoned and alone


Beth Lew-Williams’ grandfather was 9 when he was separated from family and placed in immigration detention. And he held the pain of the experience for 72 years.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Sessions rules that domestic and gang violence will no longer be valid reasons for asylum

Sessions’ ruling came after he made the unusual move to personally intervene in an immigration court case. Immigration judges work for the attorney general and are not part of the judicial branch.

Group, including priest, lined up on street with immigration signs

A prominent immigrant advocate has been detained by immigration agents in New York City


Ravi Ragbir, director of the New Sanctuary Coalition, was taken into custody during a check-in with the federal government.

A woman looks over Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, outside the village of Lake Louise, Alberta.

Canada is slashing its spots for foreign guest workers, and resort towns are worried


Temporary foreign workers are the backbone of seasonal resort towns. But a new law in Canada is making it harder to hire them, upsetting local business owners who say they won’t have the workforce they need during peak tourist season.