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A still from Victoria Hanna's video "Aleph-bet (Hosha'ana)."

The ‘edgiest’ singer on Israeli airwaves is an Orthodox mother of three


Victoria Hanna, a longtime fixture of the small indie Jewish spiritual music scene, released her first single this month. It’s just a riff on a Hebrew alphabet song, but the video became an Internet hit.

Screenshot from SANA, the Syrian Arab News Agency.

Syria’s state news agency is wooing Israelis in Hebrew

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Ben and Jerry's ice cream in Israel is labeled "glida," the Aramaic word for frost. In modern Hebrew, it means ice cream.

A history of Hebrew, told one word at a time

Yair Lapid and the New Face of Israeli Politics

Catholics Praying in Hebrew in the Holy Land

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Hadarat Nashim: The Exclusion of Women

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A Hebrew expression that describes “the exclusion of women”, is a phrase that few Israelis would have heard a few months ago. Now, it’s become a household expression after Orthodox Jewish soldiers refused to attend an events that involved women.

A Right Brain Religion Translated into a Left Brain Language

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Do the Bible’s roots in Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Greek mean that it combines right and left brain thinking?

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Hebrew Immersion Charter School in New York

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A Hebrew immersion charter school in New York has attracted students from a diversity of backgrounds. But some educators worry that schools like this one are too narrow in their appeal.

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Blog: The Long Walk to Israel

Passing the Erez border between Israel and the Gaza Strip on foot is an eerie experience.

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Israelis mark National Hebrew Day

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A hundred-twenty years ago a scholar named Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, took a dead language and started adding words. Modern Hebrew is still a work in progress. Daniel Estrin reports.