Gender pay gap

The US women's soccer team celebrates with the world cup trophy

Crowds chanted ‘equal pay’ — but that could take centuries

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Fans chanted “equal pay” after the US women won the World Cup on Sunday. It’s the latest event highlighting the gender pay gap, which is a global problem that no country has yet to solve.


Automation could have a disproportionate effect on women’s jobs

Marie Kondo speaks during an interview

Marie Kondo’s show shines spotlight on women’s unpaid labor

The pub in London, Ontario, at the center of the "Mind the Gap" gender spat

Canadian pub fights complaint after it gives pay-gap discount to women

Women hold bags and signs that read: "Same pay for same work" at a rally for equal pay in Berlin, Germany, 2015.

Women in Germany’s east earn close to what men do. Can we thank socialism for that?

Wachovia employees listen to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf

Researcher tells men to ‘lean out’ to make gender pay equality possible


President Barack Obama is set to address gender pay inequality at a town hall, but a leading expert on the issue says the problem starts at home, and it’s time for men to do more.

Bill set to be considered this week would try to address gender gap in wages

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“Equal pay for equal work” has been a phrase since the 20th century. However, in the United States, women still make, on average, significantly less money than their male counterparts. The Paycheck Fairness Act attempts to address the gender wage gap and will be voted on in Congress later this week, but is not expected to pass.

Closing the Gaping Gender-Based Wage Gap

   It’s been 50 years since President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law with an eye to eradicate gender-based wage inequity. Because of the law, government employers are legally required to publicly post employee salaries, and a number of U.S. companies voluntarily engage in similar practices to encourage wage transparency. But […]

How to Fix the Persistent Gender Wage Gap

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, American women continue to earn approximately 80 cents on every dollar their male counterparts make. The reason for this disparity is often debated: Is it simply gender discrimination? Do fewer women negotiate their salaries? Whatever the explanation, Senate Democrats believe they have a solution: the Paycheck Fairness […]