gender gap

A student at the chalkboard

Decades before they choose a career, girls think being ‘really, really smart’ is for boys


“Unfortunately, little kids are like sponges that soak up stereotypes,” one researcher says.

Rachel Ignotofsky

Fighting the STEM gender gap with stories of trailblazing female scientists


US spending millions to train women police officers worldwide. What about at home?

Runners compete in the Women's Marathon during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

See 120 years of struggle for gender equality at the Olympics


Want to win more medals in Olympic games? Close your gender gap.

A man sweeps the floor of his house in Alberta, Canada.

Hey dads: How much housework do you do compared to other fathers?


Our Father’s Day interactive calculates how much time you spend on housework and childcare and compare it with that of other fathers. You also see how much work fathers (and mothers) do in various countries

A baby

Chart: The alarming rise in maternal mortality in the US


The UN surveyed factors affecting gender equality in 151 countries, and found that US is coming up short. Part of the reason? Workplace inequality, but also a rise in the number of women dying from complications of childbirth.

Netherlands forward Lieke Martens (11) controls the ball against Japan defender Azusa Iwashimizu (3) during the second half in the round of sixteen in the FIFA 2015 women's World Cup soccer tournament at BC Place Stadium.

The strong connection between gender equality and a kickass national women’s soccer team


We compared the latest FIFA points of the qualified teams in the Women’s World Cup this year and the Gender Inequality Index of their countries in three charts, and they revealed strong correlations.

The percentage of computer science bachelor's degrees conferred to women has been dropping since mid-1980s.

Women will be extinct in the computer science world if this trend continues


Three charts that show you how women have been regressing in the study of computer science since the mid-1980s. In 2013, only two out of 10 computer science bachelor’s degrees were conferred to women.

A Japanese college graduate publicly promises that she will do her best in trying to find work during a job-hunting rally at an outdoor theatre in Tokyo.

Japanese women push back against leaning in


The push to get more Japanese women into the workforce has many of them worried that they’re just being asked to do more with less.