Family planning

Pregnant women hold their medical cards and wait for their turn to be examined at a government hospital on World Population Day in Hyderabad, India, Friday, July 11, 2014. 

As India becomes the world’s most populous nation, engaging men in family planning ‘will be a game changer’

Reproductive rights

The United Nations projects that next year, India will surpass China and claim the title of the world’s most populous country. India’s population growth has actually been slowing down for many decades, thanks to comprehensive family planning — but the burden mostly falls on women.

Pakistanis shops in a weekly pet market in Lahore, Pakistan, Nov. 13, 2022.

As Earth surpasses 8 billion people, ‘the planet can feed and sustain billions more,’ demographer says

Women with green bandanas protest in a crowd

Abortions rise worldwide when US cuts funding to women’s health clinics, study finds

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a close up of an abortion rights activist with purple paint on her face

Abortions rise worldwide when US cuts funding to women’s health clinics, study finds

women wearing colorful saris gather in a circle.

Rural women in India struggle to access contraception. These people are trying to change that.

A young Tanzanian woman speaks to a male doctor.

Tanzanian president bluntly attacks contraception, saying high birth rates are good for economy


Tanzania was one of the first countries in sub-Saharan Africa to embrace family planning. But current president John Magufuli made headlines when he said he does “not see any need for birth control,” asserting that population growth is actually an economic boon to the East African nation.

two women

It took a cyclone for some Tongan women to get reproductive health care for the first time

When disaster strikes, it’s often women who are affected the most.

Escorts surround this patient outside of Metropolitan Medical Associates in Englewood, New Jersey.

When health care comes with harassment: Photographing abortion clinic protests


Wendi Kent photographs protesters outside of family planning clinics. She says she tries hard to stay away from creating any kind of spin around the photos.

Um Mohammed and her newborn daughter called Shafagh at the maternity clinic in Zaatari refugee camp. The clinic is run by the Jordanian Health Aid Society and United Nations Population Fund.

Go inside a maternity ward at the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp


The war in Syria takes lives every day. But at a clinic just eight miles south of the Syrian-Jordanian border, new lives are being created.

Thousands of protesters gathered for the annual March for Life rally in Washington, DC.

A Latina explains why she backs the March for Life


Some from Latin America say Washington has historically imposed “a sort of imperialism” in its funding for global groups that offer family planning advice, including access to abortion.