Woman and man with baby in front of table decorated for child's birthday

After deportation, a family from Wisconsin will start anew in Cambodia


The number of deportations to Cambodia — and the speed at which they’re processed — is on the rise. Sothy Kum is among them.

Photo of a photo of family in front of wall with penguins painted on it

The Mexican government says it will help people who are deported, but they often are left to make it on their own

DHS bus

The complicated reasons why some people overstay their US visas

Syrian refugee sponsors canada

Canadians reached out to Syrian refugees. Now they hesitate to let go.

A pregnant woman in the obstetrics and gynecology ward at Severance Hospital in Seoul

In South Korea, parents are increasingly saying, ‘we hope for a girl’

Tavis Smiley and Muhammad Ali speak during a TV interview.

Muhammad Ali helped Tavis Smiley reconnect with his own father


An incident as a pre-teen ruined Tavis Smiley’s relationship with his father well into adulthood. Muhammad Ali helped restore their relationship.

Matt Hannahs, 32, poses with his son Devin outside their tent

America’s homeless community is growing


The urban population is swelling, as government aid becomes increasingly hard to find and the price of housing climbs up and up.


For some parents, getting their kids to school is easier said than done


At San Diego’s heavily immigrant Adams Elementary School, a push is on to improve attendance, an indicator linked to dropout rates.

The basic problem facing endangered species? Too many humans.

Could the Pill save the polar bear?


Could the key to all of our environmental problems be greater use of birth control, and therefore a reduction in the growth of the human population?

Maya Ludtke, Chinese-born, adopted and raised by a Caucasian American mother, embraces both cultures

Born Chinese, raised American, an adoptee explores her identity


What does it mean to be American? What does it mean to be Chinese? And how, as an adopted Chinese daughter of an American Caucasian mother, do you find a balance that works for you? And how did China’s one-child policy make that a question faced by tens of thousands of Chinese-born American girls and young women? In search of perspective, Maya Ludtke, 19, traveled back to the town where she was born, meeting girls growing up as she might have, if her parents had kept her.