Westlake Chemical

EPA weakens oversight of toxic chemicals


Under its new interpretation of the Toxic Substances Control Act, EPA has decided to focus its investigations into chemical safety solely on the risks of direct exposure, which will exclude risk analysis based on exposure through air, water and soil.

Red Dog Mine

The most toxic town in America

Scott Pruitt at Congress

Ethical and legal questions surround Scott Pruitt’s time at the EPA

Polluting plant

Groups sue EPA over regulatory rollback, saying clean air is ‘at risk’

The West Virginia State Capitol building in Charleston sits on the Kanawha River, which is fed in part by the Elk River — the main water supply for nearly 300,000 of the state's residents.

Documentary uncovers contaminated truths behind water crisis in West Virginia, other locations

Texas wind farm

Congress boosted spending on science and the environment, even as Trump administration tried to cut


Billions of dollars in additional funds for scientific research, including renewable energy research, earth systems observations and sea level monitoring were tucked inside the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending measure that passed on March 23, but the Trump Administration is still working to gut environmental regulations.

Screenshot of an error message on an EPA webpage

Climate change information disappears from federal websites in ‘pervasive, systematic’ scrubbing


In one instance, more than 200 pages meant to help state, local and tribal governments prepare for climate change have been removed.

Louisiana pollution warning

A liberal author tries to cross over an ’empathy wall’ in Louisiana


California sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild ventured out of her liberal bubble to try to grasp why some conservatives reject government regulations in Louisiana, even as industry pollution persists, largely unchecked, for years.

A combination picture shows the coal-fired Castle Gate Power Plant

Trump is ending Obama-era emissions cuts. How will CO2 emissions change?


President Donald Trump’s newest executive order tackles EPA regulations and the Clean Power Plan, which was a big part of how the US planned to hit emissions reductions under the Paris Climate agreement.

Coal plant

Trump’s plan for the EPA is death by ‘a thousand cuts’


Two environmental law experts walk through the congressional actions and executive orders that can also slice away at the agency — and a few that already have.