Environmental protection

Felled trees on Karipuna territory in the Amazonian state of Rondônia.

Lula empowers Brazil’s Indigenous peoples with their own ministry. But environmental protection remains a key concern.


Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has made good on a series of campaign promises to defend the Amazon and empower Indigenous peoples. He already signed an executive order to relaunch a billion-dollar Amazon fund, where foreign governments can contribute to forest protection, among six other orders.

In this Nov. 28, 2019, photo, a solar panel installation is seen in Ruicheng County in central China's Shanxi Province.

Green China: Where authoritarianism and environmentalism meet 

smog in mexico city

Is China worsening the developing world’s environmental crisis?

Colorado River

Environmental lawyers seek legal rights for the natural world


EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is not making anyone happy right now

Scott Pruitt

How do you run a government agency you have spent so much time suing?


Scott Pruitt, former Oklahoma attorney general and President Trump’s choice for Environmental Protection Agency administrator, has brought multiple lawsuits against the agency, some of which are still pending.

New report finds people of color disproportionately harmed by coal-fired power


A new report from U.S. researchers has found that of the 378 largest coal-fired power plants in this country, a disproportionate amount are in close proximity to low-income community and communities of people of color.

Post-Katrina Injustice

Professors Robert Bullard and Beverly Wright weigh in on issues of race and class in the efforts to rebuild New Orleans.

The World

Riding the Environmental Justice Bus

A bus touring America’s south visits communities fighting for environmental justice. We have an audio diary from aboard the bus.

The World

Israeli River Pollution

While Israel has many sound environmental protection and water clean-up laws, Reese Erlich reports from Haifa that despite the arid country’s precarious water supply, monitoring river pollution and enforcing cleanliness are seemingly low priorities for the Jewish State.