A lab worker removes crane hoist from a load of rebar used to construct full-scale buildings and bridge spans that are then pushed to the limit in field tests.

This ‘earthquake lab’ is designing buildings to withstand natural disasters


At Spain’s Institute of Science and Concrete Technology, engineers are trying to find ways to keep buildings and bridges from falling down. The lab is getting attention after the deadly earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in February.

The Shard stands 95 stories tall in the heart of London on the banks of the River Thames.

New book explains the secrets behind famous skyscrapers, other structures

Mexico City

When disaster hits home: The Mexico City quake one month on


After six years and billions of dollars, the Panama Canal expansion may grind to a halt

Japan’s earthquake-resistant buildings

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Smart Bridges

Bridges around the world are now being equipped with sensing systems designed to warn inspectors of problems and avert catastrophic bridge collapses.

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iCub Humanoid Robot Just Like a Baby

European researchers are using a childlike robot to discover information on cognitive function and movement.


Egyptians with Internet access today are able to view piles of documents taken from state security offices in the last day. Lots of scandalous stories expected in tomorrow’s papers.

Motor Show Visits Motor City

General Motors delivers a shock to the Detroit Auto Show with the new Chevy Volt. Will U.S. automakers start investing in these eco-concept cars or is it all, well…show?

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Benign Design for the Environment

An Arizona research center has set up a mini semiconductor manufacturing plant designed to use less water and save money.