Endangered animals

Black-and-white photo of two men in outdoor gear standing besides a large harpoon gun on a boat

The Soviet Union once hunted endangered whales to the brink of extinction — but its scientists opposed whaling and secretly tracked its toll


The Soviet Union was a latecomer to industrial whaling, but it slaughtered whales by the thousands once it started and radically under-reported its toll to international monitors.

A female North Atlantic Right whale entangled in fishing gear

North Atlantic right whales are shrinking in size as they struggle to survive environmental havoc

North Atlantic right whale with calf in blue-green waters

Little time left to save the North Atlantic right whale

Northern right whales

Endangered right whales have moved because of climate change — into dangerous waters

Climate Change
Northern right whale with calf

The Northern right whale, already an endangered species, is in deep trouble

The carcass of a right whale is prepared to be towed out to sea near Norway, Prince Edward Island.

Experts say ‘extinction is around the corner’ for Atlantic right whales


There have been a record 18 deaths and zero births of the species over the past year.