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This Egyptian singer says forgive, don’t hate


Earlier this month, ISIS released a video in which it showed the beheading of 21 Egyptian men. Not surprisingly, reactions have been of anger, grief and hate. But one Egyptian singer wants to change that.

During Sunday worship at St. Antonius Coptic Church in Hayward, California, women sit on one side of the church, and men on the other.

In California, praying in a language rooted in ancient Egypt

Relatives, friends and residents of Alexandria mourn during the funeral of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, an activist at the Socialist Popular Alliance Party (SPAP), in Alexandria January 25, 2015.

Death of young woman in Egypt sparks anger

Shoubra El-Kheima Power Station, belonging to the North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company, is pictured in Cairo, April 19, 2014. Egypt needs to find at least $5 billion to invest in its dilapidated power grid, a government official told Reuters.

What’s on Egyptian voters’ minds? They want enough electricity to keep the lights on

The Faith Mosque zawya in Cairo

In Egypt, controlling religion is the government’s insurance policy

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Dissecting The Egyptian Division in Cairo & the United States

The world reacted to the violence in Egypt yesterday, with President Obama condemning the bloodshed and canceling joint military exercises, though he made no mention of any changes to aid. “The Egyptian people deserve better than what we’ve seen over the last several days,” the president said Thursday. “And to the Egyptian people, let me […]

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Authoritarian Rule: ‘Egyptians Yearn for Security and Order’

Conflict & Justice

Frank Gardner, former BBC bureau chief in Cairo, tells anchor Marco Werman why the army crackdown in Egypt has such wide support there.

Egyptians return to Tahrir Square in protest of presidential power struggle

Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, wants his decisions to be above judicial review. He said as much in a decree that he issued recently. And while he’s backed off somewhat in the face of mounting political pressure, opposition groups are returning to a familiar place to try and assert their own power.

Egypt struggling to find agreement on new constitution

Egypt’s efforts to forge a new constitution have largely been stymied to date. The first version was thrown out by the courts as not reflective of the country’s diversity. Now, a new assembly is trying to write a new one, but encountering resistance from Egyptians who don’t like what’s in this latest document.

‘Oprah of Egypt’ serves up good food, practical advice one show at a time

Egypt’s Arab Spring revolution upended the country, including its entertainment. Out of the revolutionary shadow, Ghalia Mahmoud has risen to become known as the “Oprah of Egypt.” She’s the host of a new cooking show that’s become very popular.