Drone attacks in Pakistan

A US Air Force MQ-1 Predator flies near the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California.

Here’s why one former Taliban captive is calling for a halt to US ‘signature’ drone strikes


When reporter David Rohde was in captivity in Pakistan, he worried that a drone strike might accidentally kill him. And now that it’s happened to American aid worker Warren Weinstein. Rohde says the US needs to stop strikes that use only behavioral patterns to figure out their targets.

Zubair Rahman (13), his siter Nabila (9) and their father Rafiq in New York.

One Pakistani family retells the story of a drone attack that changed their lives

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A drone flies over the archaeological site of Cerro Chepen as it takes pictures in Trujillo, Peru in August. Archaeologists are turning to drones to speed up sluggish survey work and protect sites from squatters, builders and miners.

This man wants you to know that not all drones are grey and drop bombs

Men step on a U.S flag during an anti-American rally in Peshawar, Pakistan in April of last year.

US drone strikes are controversial, but are they war crimes?

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Confusion around U.S. drone policy in Pakistan runs deep

Positive progress in Afghanistan finally begins to emerge

The pullout of American forces from Afghanistan by 2014 has some feeling hopeful about the future of the war-torn country. But with the ongoing drone strikes in Pakistan, and continued violence in Afghanistan, it’s often hard to see the progress over the border.

VIDEO: Obama makes headlines by admitting, justifying drone campaign

In a Google Hangout President Barack Obama hosted on Monday with eight Americans, the president mounted a spirited defense — and consequently admission — of the U.S. program to use drone aircraft to attack terrorist leaders.

Drone Debate Over Casualties Overlooks Cost to Those Who Survive

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The CIA drone program operates in countries where the US is not officially at war, like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. But there’s little discussion over how drones affect the people they don’t kill.

Justice Department Memo Makes Legal Case for Killing Americans Aborad

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A leaked Justice Department memo is the talk of the town in Washington, and around the globe, Tuesday. The memo, obtained and published by NBC News, sets out the Obama Administration’s legal case for the targeted killing of American terrorism suspects.

“Taliban” Khan in Trouble over Girl Shooting

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The popular Pakistani politician, and former world-class cricketer, Imran Khan, has criticized the attempted killing of Malala Yousufzai. But he won’t pin the blame on the Taliban, and says the insurgency in Afghanistan is justified under Islamic law.